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What to Expect

A short consultation is usually given before each session to identify the needs of the client, but also for the therapist to perceive anything that should be addressed during the session. A client intake form is usually filled in and discussed.

The client is then left alone in the room to get changed (underwear is normally best, or shorts which allow access to the tops of the thighs/glutes) For ladies, the bra can be left on or taken off, but it is usually unclipped to allow access when working on the back.

The client is encouraged to communicate at any time if the pressure is not satisfactory.

Towel draping is used at all times.

Relax and enjoy!

“I have seriously stressed shoulders and lower back tension. I appreciate Jeremy’s professionalism and his in-depth knowledge of muscles. After each session I felt great release and reintegration of some of my over-used muscles. As we work further, my shoulders have loosened and lowered from pulling around my neck. I have a huge relief in my stabilizing muscles around the base of my spine which were exhausted. Great work, but I’m still going on with the treatments as my commitment to optimum muscle performance!”

Naulene O. Evans

Full-time Mum & Free-lance designer