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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is by no means only for those involved in sport – but for anyone who requires a treatment that targets specific areas of tension, fatigue or injury – as a result of repetitive or prolonged activity.

Using an extensive knowledge of functional anatomy and common musculoskeletal injuries, specific muscle groups are targeted according to the information given by the client, but also from what the therapist perceives before and during the treatment.

It is ideal to use it as part of a training programme to repair and rejuvenate overworked muscles- before, during or after an event. The depth of the massage will change according to the timing of the treatment. Lighter pressure will be used directly before or after an event and at least 2 – 3 days is needed before an event if deep tissue and remedial techniques are to be used.


A short consultation is done before each session, which helps the therapist understand where pain or discomfort is being experienced and to also understand which activities (or lack thereof) may be causing the problem. If necessary, a postural assessment will be done and a treatment will then be tailored to the individual needs of the client.

In addition to normal massage strokes, remedial techniques are often used to address problematic areas, such as: Neuromuscular Technique (trigger point therapy), MET stretching (contract relax stretching) and Myofascial release.

Treatments usually vary from 45 – 60min depending on how many areas need to be worked on.
At least 60min is required for a full body massage.

“Having had years of back problems, I was very fortunate to have found Jeremy Taylor. I have used many therapists for my back but he is by far the best. His therapy was very skilled and targeted to the problems I was experiencing.
He has a calm professional manner. I cannot recommend his services enough.
Now that he has helped my back problem, I revisit often for brilliant deep tissue sport massage.”

Dr Roger James