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Fascia Release

ascia or Myofascial release is ideal for addressing postural imbalances and compensations, through the manipulation of various fascial layers.

Fascia or connective tissue superficially covers the entire body like a wetsuit and then without any break in connectivity, it progressively dives deeper to wrap around muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels, organs and all the way down to individual cells. Every part of the human body is directly connected by connective tissue.
It gives the human form its integrity and strength and acts as an organiser as it supports and separates structures.

In a healthy state, it has the ability to interchange between a fluid supple state to a more rigid state when extra support or strength is needed.
Factors such as injury, excessive exercise, poor postural habits, poor diet, stress and aging may result in the fascia becoming excessively thick or glued to other structures. This compromises the function of the entire body due its global connectivity.

Due to this global connectivity, it is ideal to look globally when treating the fascial system and it is therefore recommended to have a series of treatments, as to address a number of fascial lines or related areas. This is can be discussed according to individual needs.