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Deep Tissue Massage

This is a deep thorough massage which targets chronic tension in the deeper layers of tissue, which may be a result of chronic stress, postural patterns, chronic injuries or muscloskeletal imbalances.

Although deep tissue techniques are used in all the treatments listed, I prefer to offer a dedicated deep tissue massage as a full body treatment which encourages stress relief and improves flexibility by working through all the tissue layers with deep (not hard) pressure.

I don’t use a set routine, but rather tailor the massage according to the needs of the client on the day, based on information supplied by them but also from what I perceive before and during the treatment.
Depending on the needs of the client, remedial techniques may be used as part of the treatment.

A recommended treatment time is 90min – 120min, which allows time to give a very thorough massage, while addressing problem areas.

“Having chronic back pain means that I have had MANY massages over the years. Jeremy provided a very thorough, professional and skilled massage; the best I’ve had for years! I would highly recommended him to anyone with muscular pain.”

Lemar Chester

Specialised Kinesiologist