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Massage & Fascia Release

Aligning Posture, Enhancing Sport and Encouraging Relaxation
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Massage in Cape Town


My unique style of massage integrates the various techniques which I have learned since I first qualified as a massage therapist in 2006.

I offer a treatment that is tailored to the needs of each client by drawing on an extensive knowledge of functional anatomy, massage techniques and many years of experience.

The style and depth of my work can vary from being highly focused and intense for the release of specific myofascial dysfunction to more soothing and relaxing for the general release of deep seated tension and stress.

I take the time to try to understand why each client is needing the massage and endeavour to find and address the root cause of the problem.




This massage is by no means only for those involved in sport – but for anyone who requires a treatment that targets specific areas of tension and fatigue, as a result of repetitive or prolonged activity.


This is a deep thorough massage which targets chronic tension in the deeper layers of tissue, which may be as a result of chronic stress, postural patterns, chronic injuries or muscloskeletal imbalances.


Fascia release is ideal for addressing postural imbalances and compensations, through the manipulation of the various fascial layers.