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Deep Tissue, Sports Massage & Functional Release in Cape Town


I offer a unique massage that is grounded in a sound knowledge of functional anatomy and blended with the various techniques I have learned over the years since first starting in 2006.

My initial massage training was in Sports and Deep Tissue massage (which includes soft tissue release, muscle energy technique and neuromuscular therapy) which I qualified for in London and since then I have also trained in Thai Massage and Fascia Release.

My passion lies in trying to assist clients in releasing chronic tension, achieving an increase in mobility, pain free ease of movement and a reduction of stress.

Instead of massaging according to one style and depth of massage, I endeavour to understand why you are needing a massage and to use my many years of experience to tailor a treatment according to your needs.



Treatments include:


Ideal for relieving the effects of prolonged activity and repetitive strain. Generally aimed at sport specific muscles.


This is a deep thorough massage which targets chronic tension in the deeper layers of tissue, which may be as a result of chronic stress, postural patterns, chronic injuries or muscloskeletal imbalances.


Specific movements are performed either actively or passively while pressure is applied to fascia and tissues


Fascia release is ideal for addressing postural imbalances and compensations, through the manipulation of the various fascial layers.